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Caterpillars (Infants)
6weeks - 15 months

Caterpillars truly enjoy their time at Sunny Kids Land! We make sure they are thriving on every level by talking, playing, singing, reading to them and most importantly by praising their "firsts"! Keeping in mind different pace of development, we give our best in planning activities that would make them reach their milestones. Caterpillars have plenty of space to move and wiggle around with lots of opportunities to explore and learn while being safe in our home away from home environment.

Image by luis arias

Grasshoppers (Early toddlers/Toddlers)
15months - 30months

Grasshoppers are on the move gaining new skills every day. That is why we ensure there is lots of games, movement and dance time. Besides that, part of Grasshopper's every day routine consist of circle time, reading, activities that support their fine motor skills, sensory play, constantly encouraging them to explore and try new things. We support their huge thinking, learning, social and emotional changes that will help them discover their new world, and make sense of it.


Dragonflies (Preschoolers)
30+ months - 5 year old

Learning and exploration continues with our Dragonflies, while they grow into early childhood and their world begins to open up. We focus on problem-solving strategies, literacy development, language and writing skills, continuing to built upon everything learned, setting them up for success for their next years in education.

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